Parking Homepage Dashboard

Modified on Tue, 05 Dec 2023 at 06:10 PM


The Parking Homepage Dashboard allows customers to view parking-specific data in order to make data-based decisions. Data includes total parking sessions and highest parking revenue zones.


Use the Parking dashboard to view a quick snapshot of your organization’s parking-specific data for the current day. You can use this data to help inform your decision-making process.

Time Considerations

Current Day

Data displayed in the dashboard reflects any activity that occurs between midnight and 11:59 PM on the current day. 

Time Zones

The time zone is determined in portal for the logged-in user. 

Note: If the user travels to a different time zone, the dashboard will not reflect the new time zone.


Parking Sessions

  • Total Sessions displays total number of parking sessions started on the current day
  • Total Revenue displays total revenue for the current day

Parking Session Averages

  • Average Session Duration displays average parking session duration for the current day
  • Average Session Revenue displays average parking session revenue for the current day

Total Active Sessions

  • Displays total number of active parking sessions

Active Sessions

  • Displays list of currently active parking sessions
  • Ordered by zone; zones with most parking sessions display first

Today’s Sessions

  • Displays list of parking sessions for the current day
  • Ordered by zone; zones with most parking sessions first

Top Parking Revenue

  • Displays amount of parking revenue for the current day
  • Ordered by zone; zones with highest revenue first

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