Manage My Users (OpsMan Web)

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This article explains how to add a new user, change a user's password, manage roles and privileges, and delete a user.

How to Add a New User

Any user with the proper permissions can add a new user to OpsMan. When adding the new user, a role may be selected to determine permissions in OpsMan and/or Park Monitor. 


  1. Within the Users tab, select the Users sub-tab. Select Create User.
  2. Fill out the fields, noting that not all fields are required. You may see the options for both OpsMan and Park Monitor. Operations Management relates to OpsMan itself, while Park Monitor is a separate website used to monitor parking sessions.
  3. Select the Operations Management box to begin to select role(s) for OpsMan. These roles are created in the Roles sub-tab of the User tab. Select the necessary role(s), then select Save.

How to Change a User's Password

If someone in your organization forgets their OpsMan password, you can easily assign them a new one.


  1. In OpsMan, select the Users tab. Select Users to display a list of your users.
  2. Select the star under Pwd next to the name of the user, type "Yes", then add a new password.

How to Control Access to Reports and Privileges

Administrators can create restrictions or grant access to reports and privileges in OpsMan, which provides different levels of permissions for different users. Creating new roles in OpsMan provides a powerful tool for controlling access to your data. Each user in OpsMan is assigned a role which dictates what reports and privileges they can access. 

Some operators create general roles for Finance, Admin and Officer. Other operators also add more specific roles for Events Admin, Enforcement Reports or Allow List Admin. 


  1. Log in to OpsMan, select the Users tab, then select Roles.
  2. To create a new role, select the Create New Role button. Add a name and description, then select the privileges that this user should have access to. Scroll down to the bottom and click Save.
  3. To edit an existing role, go back to the list of roles, and select the Edit button next to the role. From there you will be taken to the same list of privileges; check or uncheck each privilege as needed. After you finish updating the list, select Save.

How to Delete a User Without Losing Data

When an OpsMan user leaves your organization, it’s important to remove their access to confidential data without removing any historical data from your system. Instead of deleting the user from your Users list, you can simply change their permissions to preserve all the information you need.


  1. In OpsMan, navigate to the Users > Roles tab.
  2. Select Create New Role and name the role “No Privileges” (or something similar). Add a description if you’d like.
  3. Navigate to the Users > Users tab. Look for the user, select Edit next to their name, then deselect all their privileges and select the “No Privileges” option.

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