Open a New Session

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Open New Session Overview

From the list of Drawers an operator has created, they must choose a Drawer to begin a new Session.  A Session chronicles all payment activities for a drawer within a specific time period. Sessions could be one of three possible status:

  • Open. An active Session that records ongoing payment activities.
    • Note: users may join only Open Sessions.
  • In Review. A Session that has been either manually or automatically transitioned to a status in which no new activities will be recorded but adjustments to existing transactions are allowed. Transactions within In Review Sessions may be edited, moved, or reversed.
  • Closed. A Session in this status no longer records any new activities and does not allow any actions with recorded transactions. Sessions may be closed only manually.

To start a new Session, the user must select from a list of Active Drawers. Configurations of the selected Drawer will determine the new Session’s attributes, such as cut-off time, closing method, etc. All newly created Sessions will receive the Open status.


A drawer named Daily Drawer has been configured with the following settings:

  • allow concurrent users
  • automatically cut off open Sessions at midnight
  • automatically change Sessions in the “In Review” status. 

Every time a user opens a Session in this drawer, the status will automatically change to “In Review” at 12:00AM. Once the status changes to “In Review,” users will be able to close it manually at any point.

Note: A Session can be opened and closed multiple times throughout the day, which means that multiple Sessions could exist in a single Drawer within a single day.

While navigating through Passport portal within Permits and Enforcement bundles, the current Drawer displays in the top frame.

Two available actions exist on this page:

  • The […] action button can be used to start a new Session in a different Drawer.
  • Manage Open Sessions can be used to switch to another Session that is already open.

Note: Any transaction activity performed while operating within a Session will be recorded within the current Session.

Note: To operate within Permits and Enforcement with Cashiering enabled, the user must start or join a Session. While the user can accomplish this by accessing Start New Session, the user will automatically be asked to start or join a Session when accessing Permits or Enforcement and before any transaction activity is allowed.

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