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Passport’s Card Present Processing feature enables you to use Passport Payments to manage, view, and reconcile transactions made at certified physical point-of-sale devices (e.g., meters and pay stations). By consolidating both digital and physical transactions into a single platform, you can streamline operations, gain valuable insights, and reduce costs across your operations.

What Is Passport Payments Card Present? This stand-alone payments option provides any hardware vendor certified to our backend settlement platform with the ability to submit authorized transaction batches to Passport for processing. It will allow Passport to support third-party POS device processing and settlement capabilities for Card Present (CP) Meters and unattended kiosks and extend partner opportunities via MID share.


  • Better efficiency through daily settlement and automated reconciliation options 

  • Significant savings and increased cash flow while reducing processing fees by up to 50%

  • Flexible pricing and numerous payment options

  • Improved staff and customer experiences with efficient reporting 

What do settlement and funding look like? 

The Card Present Processing feature will be able to support Daily and Monthly settlement. 

Note: Settlement is the transfer of value from the cards used to purchase a parking session to the clients’ merchant bank account (managed by Passport). 

Each day, via Worldpay, Passport collects the total credit and debit card purchases (settlement), removes the card network and merchant processing fees (net settlement), and transfers the net settlement funds to the client’s merchant bank account.  

The Settlement process typically takes 2-3 days to complete. For example, Daily Settlement clients would receive transaction activity from Monday (5/1) on Wednesday (5/3). 

Note: You can choose to receive settlement on a weekly or monthly basis. Weekly and monthly settlement options will accrue into Passport’s reserve settlement account under the same structure as daily. Funding to the you will occur at a mutually defined date.


Each of these reports enables you to locate records and cross reference with your existing information. All reports provide the ability to use filters to narrow search results, schedule report, and download.

Settlement Period Summary - Third Party

The top section of the page displays the summary of aggregated results, while the bottom section of the page provides a summary by day.

Note: Each section exists as its own report, so you would need to download the aggregated summary and the daily summary separately.

Note: The Summary Date field displays the transaction date (not the payment date).


Summary by Month

Column Name

Column Description

Summary Month

Month the aggregation covers

Format: YYYY-MM

Operator Name

Operator Name


Merchant ID

Net Settlement Amount

Format: $XXX.XX

Gross Revenue

Total parking payment amount + service fees

Format: $XXX.XX

Payment Fees

Fees charged to merchants for processing credit card payments
Format: $XXX.XX


Format: $XXX.XX


Format: $XXX.XX

Transaction count

Total number of transactions for time period of report

Format: XXX

Summary by Day

Column Name

Column Description

Summary Date

Transaction date ( DD/MM/YYYY) 

Operator Name

Operator Name


Merchant Identifier

Net Settlement Amount    

Net Settlement amount = Gross processing revenue - merchant processing fee - gateway fee - refund amounts - dispute amounts

Gross  Revenue    

is the total Parking payment amount + Service fee {if exist}

Payments Fees    

fees charged to merchants for processing credit card payments

Transaction Counts

Total number of transactions that occurred during the filtered date range 


Total refunds for all payment types


These are the disputes that Passport payments team pulls from Finix/WP

Refund Count

These are the refunds that come in through our Processor

Chargebacks Count    

The number of chargebacks

Third Party Payment Processing Daily Transaction Report

This report provides access to daily transactions in order to improve your reconciliation abilities.

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