How to Create and Manage Violation Types (OpsMan Web)

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Violation types determine the type of violation, the amount for the violation, the escalation schedule, and other violation settings. These violation types must be set before generating tickets through OpsMan Mobile. Violation types can be created, edited, and/or deleted at any time in OpsMan. 


  1. In OpsMan, navigate to the Ticketing > Violation Types tab. On the Violation Types page, types can be created, edited, deleted, etc.
  2. When creating a new violation type, multiple fields need to be completed. Certain fields will automatically be set to the standard setting, but can be changed if needed. See below for an explanation of common fields.
    • Violation Type. Label the type of violation here (e.g., Non Payment)
    • Amount. The amount to be charged when this validation type is given
    • Can violation be appealed? Defaults to unchecked, or “no”, but can be checked to mark as “yes”. If a violation type can be appealed, set the maximum number of appeals each account can make in the Max Appeals Per Parker? field and the maximum number of days a violator can appeal a violation in the Max Days To Make An Appeal? field
    • Does violation print?Defaults to “yes”, but uncheck the box if you don’t want the violation printed
      • Note: we recommend this option should be marked “yes”
    • Does violation show in OMM (OpsMan Mobile)? Defaults to “yes”, but uncheck the box if you don’t want the violation printed. 
      • Note: we recommend this option should be marked “yes”
    • Fee schedule items. The fee schedule items allow users to add an additional amount to the original violation if the initial fee is unpaid after a certain amount of days (escalation schedule). When you select Add you will see the option to add a certain dollar amount after a certain number of days (e.g., Add $30 After 35 Days)
    • Violation letters. If letters are set up by Passport for your operations, you can select your letter to be sent for this violation type
    • Include in Scofflaw. Select this box if you want to include citations with this violation type in scofflaw
    • Boot / Tow. Select this/these settings if the violation type is to be used for boot and/or tow

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