How to Create an Approve/Deny List (OpsMan Web)

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OpsMan allows you to label a license plate number for your citation officers, either as someone who should not receive a citation or someone who should always receive a citation (or should get booted and towed).

A custom message will appear In OpsMan Mobile once the Allow Listed or Deny Listed license plate number is entered. You can also choose to prevent an officer from writing a citation for a license plate or restrict the Allow List to a particular zone. 

Why create an Allow List or a Deny List?

There are several reasons you may want to use an Allow List: you could add the mayor or other town officials or visitors to your Allow List, you could add a parker who is getting free parking for the day to an Allow List, or you could add an entire group of parkers who will be getting free event parking to an Allow List.

The Deny List is usually used to catch scofflaws.

Note: Allow and Deny Lists can be assigned to a zone or to an operator.


  1. In OpsMan, navigate to the Setup > Allow List / Deny List tab (if you don’t see this option available, please create a Support Ticket).
  2. To create a new group, select Add Group
  3. Enter a Group Name (e.g., Scofflaw)
  4. Add the Default Note (e.g., "Visiting for an event, don’t ticket")
  5. Select an expiration date, if needed.
  6. Select Show in Monitor if you would like this to appear in OpsMan Mobile. It will appear as a “check-in” vehicle or a vehicle without expiration. 
  7. Select Allow Violation if you would like to give citation officers the discretion to write a ticket despite the Allow List. Otherwise, deselect this option.
  8. Once you have created the Group, select Manage Group
  9. Select Add Member, then add the expiration date, license plate information and any notes.
  10. Select Save Permit
  11. If you would like to add a group of license plate numbers to an Allow or Deny List, you can upload a CSV. The CSV should contain these fields:
    1. Zone_number. The default zone number setting
    2. Permit_no. The first to appear on the list is 1, second on the list is 2, etc.
    3. State. The license plate state
    4. LPN. The license plate number
    5. Expiration. The expiration date. If you don’t want to include an expiration date, enter “0000-00-00 00:00:00”
  12. Note. This is the default note for the citation


If you would like to create a specific rate for a unique Allow List, please create a Support Ticket.

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