OpsMan Mobile: Disabled Persons Placard Lookup (California DMV)

Modified on Mon, 3 Jul, 2023 at 12:01 PM


The Disabled Persons Placard Lookup feature performs a live lookup in the California DMV database to determine whether the number on a disabled persons placard is valid. The results are then displayed in OpsMan Mobile.

Note: The California DMV bases the validity of the number based in on their records “status” and "reg_expiration_date."

Note: The character limit is 7. If more than 7 characters are entered, an error message will display.


  1. Open OpsMan Mobile, then open the menu 

  2. Select DP Lookup (or whatever term has been assigned in the disability_placard_lookup setting)

  3. Enter the disabled person's placard number in the “Placard ID” field

  4. Select search (magnifying glass icon)

  5. Each of the three possible results will display:

    1. Valid Placard

    2. Invalid Placard

      1. Note: This response will display when the record exists in the DMV but is expired OR when the record never existed in the DMV. 

      2. If the officer selects “Issue Ticket,” they will be taken to the issuance flow. The LPN, Plate State and Plate Type will automatically populate.

    3. Bad Request

      1. This error will display if characters are entered that would not make up a valid id number (e.g., symbols such as #*$%&@)

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