Enforcement Benchmarking Reports

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Passport’s Enforcement Benchmarking reports, part of our Performance Benchmarking product, provide data-driven points of reference to cities like yours that manage on-street parking. You can: 

  • compare your operations and outcomes against other cities

  • improve your operations and outcomes by applying insights gleaned from other cities

Rather than operating in a void of information and struggling to get city leaders to support policy changes and to gauge the impacts of those changes, you will be more able to easily answer questions such as:

  • “What outcomes should we target in our city regarding issuances, appeals, and our collection rate?”

  • “How do our operations compare with other cities?”

How Does It Work?

Cities can choose to add Performance Benchmarking to their suite of Passport products. 

While other solutions on the market share anonymous data for free, Passport’s transparency will ensure that the data feels more trustworthy. Since you will be able to see verifiable data for all participating cities, city officials will be more inclined to base policy and operations decisions on this data.

Note: The metrics provided will be included in the premium version of Performance Benchmarking. 

How Do the Free and Premium Versions Differ?

Free Version

The free version, available to everyone, provides the following features with no commitment to purchase and no cancellation penalties. 

  • Date Range. You will have access to data from the previous 12 months, provided on a rolling basis.

    • Example. On July 4, 2023, you would be able to view data July 2022 through July 2023. On August 4, 2023, you would be able to view data August 2022 through August 2023. 

  • Interval. You will be able to view data by month.

  • Visuals. The graphs enable you to quickly view your performance against your goals and against other cities.

  • Summary Tiles. Three Summary Tiles display Citations Issued, Collection Rate, and Citations Fully Paid Within 90 Days.

Premium Version

The Premium version provides all features from the free version, plus the following additions. When you choose to upgrade to the Premium version, you will notice more detail and flexibility when deriving analytics.

For more information about pricing for our Premium feature, send us an email and a member of our Client Success team will follow up.

  • Date Range. You will have access to unlimited historical data.

  • Interval. You will be able to view data by year or month, plus week or day.

  • Visuals. You will notice improved filtering and and access to more historical data.

    • When you select more than one operator to compare, an average line will display on all line graphs

    • The Collection Rate will be displayed on a line graph.

  • Summary Tiles. When you select more than one operator to compare, the summary tiles will display a delta that shows the percentage difference between your city’s data and the average of the operators you selected.

Are There Security Risks?

No PII or PCI data is included in Passport’s data-sharing features (e.g., Performance Benchmarking and City Profiles), which means that no PII or PCI data will be shared with other parties. To learn about how Passport handles PII and PCI data or to learn more about Passport’s cybersecurity protocols, visit our security site

The data included in the Performance Benchmarking product is already publicly available upon request under the FOIA. In fact, according to our research, clients indicated that they already share this data with other cities, journalists, and the public.

Read Passport’s data-sharing statement

What’s In It For Me?

Passport’s Performance Benchmarking solution enables cities to leverage data from other peer cities. The data available assists in setting goals, comparing outcomes, and analyzing trends to drive policy change and facilitate collaboration on an ongoing basis. By understanding the metrics, this data-driven approach allows municipalities to make more informed decisions, optimize parking resources, and enhance their parking and mobility operations.

Performance Benchmarking data empowers cities to gain a comprehensive understanding of their parking landscape. By collecting and analyzing relevant data points, cities can view and act on specific parking and enforcement challenges. Understanding these market trends allows cities to identify current challenges in their environment and pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Facilitate communication with elected officials and the public

Valuable data and insights arm elected officials with the knowledge to network effectively and optimize parking resources, as well as enhance parking program strategy. Parking leaders can easily pull analytics from another city’s data to facilitate communication with their stakeholders to drive policy changes.

Make data-informed decisions

By consistently analyzing data from comparable cities or regions, municipalities can identify best practices and successful strategies. This knowledge enables them to adapt and implement effective parking solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Who Is Eligible?

Performance Benchmarking will initially be available to Enforcement clients using Passport’s portal.

What Data Is Included?

Each metric will be accompanied by a detailed knowledge base article to ensure that you: 

  • completely understand what you’re seeing

  • know how to interpret the results

  • see what changes your organization can make to improve those results

Note: Performance Benchmarking data will be updated daily (with up to a 24-hour delay, not in real time like some other enforcement data).


Question: How many cities can I benchmark my city against?

Answer: While you can benchmark against unlimited cities, the chart can become difficult to understand if you add too many cities simultaneously.

Question: Which cities can I benchmark my city against?

Answer: Any city that has a vendor relationship with Passport for enforcement and has opted into data-sharing.

Question: How do I get access to the free version of the Performance Benchmarking report?

Answer: For more information about pricing for our Premium feature, send us an email and a member of our Client Success team will follow up.

Question: How do I get access to the premium version of the Performance Benchmarking report?

Answer: Talk to your Client Success representative to begin the contracting process. If you do not have a CS rep, create a Support Ticket and a representative will contact you.

Question: If I choose to opt in to data sharing, can I choose to only share some of my benchmarking data?

Answer: No. Any operator who opts in to data sharing agrees to share all of the benchmarking data listed in Passport’s Data-Sharing Statement

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