Passport's Data-Sharing Statement

Modified on Fri, 12 Jan at 4:46 PM

By turning on data sharing, I acknowledge that my city’s data will be shared with other parties that use Passport’s data-sharing products (including, but not limited to, the Performance Benchmarking and Profiles products). No PII or PCI data will be shared. For more information, please read Passport’s Privacy Policy, Passport’s Trust and Security portal, and Passport’s Knowledge Base.

  • The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides the public the right to request access to non-exempt records from any federal agency. A FOIA request can be made for any agency record.

You can opt out of sharing your city's data at any time on the Operator Settings page.

Shared data may include the following without limitation:

  • Annual Session Count
  • Appeal Acceptance Rate
  • Average Gross Revenue per Session
  • Average Gross Revenue per Session
  • Average Number of Days to Paid
  • Average Number of Extensions per Session
  • Average Number of Extensions per Unique User by Interval
  • Average Paid Session Duration
  • Average Paid Session Duration
  • Average Sessions per Unique User by Interval
  • Citation Revenue Allocation
  • Climate Impact on Parking Demand
  • Collection Rate
  • Full-Time Enforcement Officers
  • Highest Hourly Rate
  • Large Event Impact on Parking Demand
  • Lowest Hourly Rate
  • Municipal-Related Goals
  • Municipality Attributes
  • Municipality Name
  • Number of Mobile Payment Apps
  • Number of Off-Street Spaces
  • Number of On-Street Spaces
  • Number of Sessions per Weekday (Monday - Friday)
  • Number of Sessions per Weekend (Saturday - Sunday)
  • Off-Street Parking Revenue Allocation
  • Off-Street Session Sources
  • On-Street Parking Revenue Allocation
  • On-Street Session Sources
  • Operating Organization for Enforcement
  • Operating Organization for Off-Street Parking
  • Operating Organization for On-Street Parking
  • Parking-Related Goals
  • Part-Time Enforcement Officers
  • Percentage of Citation Payments Made Online vs. In-Person or Mail
  • Percentage of Citations Fully Paid Within 90 Days
  • Percentage of Sessions Occurring on Weekdays
  • Percentage of Unique Users with Two Sessions or Less by Interval
  • Percentage of Unpaid Spaces
  • Population
  • Population Density per Square Mile
  • Population Growth Rate
  • Region
  • State
  • Street Services
  • Total Enforcement Hours per Week
  • Total Number of Citations Issued
  • Total Number of Collectable Citations
  • Total Number of Warnings Issued
  • Total Sessions
  • Unique Active Users by Date Range
  • Unique Active Users by Interval
  • University Impact on Parking Demand
  • Vendors
  • Vision Zero Participation
  • Warning Rate as a Percentage of Total Citations

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